Did You Forget to Renew Your SSL Certificate?

SSL is a protocol that encrypts and securely transmits data between servers and browsers. The electronic file that this protocol enables is called an SSL certificate, and by installing the SSL certificate on the server, secure communication using the SSL protocol is possible also the company can be identified through the name of the company [...]

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Search for Remote Management Systems Exposed to Attack Surface Using SSL Certificate Search Feature (ssl_issuer_organization)

Among the filters of Asset Search provided by Criminal IP (hereinafter referred to as CIP) is ssl_issuer_organization. Using this filter, you can check which institution’s certificate was signed by an SSL protocol such as https. When we look at the SSL certificate of criminalip.io below, for example, “Verified by” is noted as “Sectigo Limited(formerly [...]

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Criminal IP Analysis Report on Certification Expiration Status of Russian Sites

As the war rages on between Ukraine and Russia, many countries and industries around the world are coming together to cut Russia off all the economic ties, and banishment from the cybersecurity sphere is no longer an exception as well. During the times of war, international certification authorities are unitedly joining forces to pressure Russia [...]

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