Exposed SCADA Server, a Shortcut to Unleashing Chaos on Entire Infrastructure

When creating a website, usually use tools such as WordPress or code directly. Whatever ways that you use, HTML is an essential language for creating a website. There is an element called a meta tag in HTML. This is a tag that summarizes the main point about the website, which is one of the necessary factors to increase [...]

Favicon-Hash, a Tool to Find Spoofed Domains

Favicon, a compound word for Favorites and Icon, is a website-representing icon that can be found on the tab above the browser address bar, and is applied to almost all websites that are available to users. Criminal IP ( provides the "favicon" filter that allows you to search for IP addresses through a website's favicon. Using [...]

Neglected Default Password, a Security Flaw

Default Password, a pre-configured password for a device, can be easily found on the internet and instruction manuals, thus must be changed during the initial setup. If not, because anybody who knows the default password can login into the account, it provides an attack vector for nearly every corporate network resulting in hacking and cracking [...]

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Search for Corporate IP Addresses Using AS_Name Filter on Asset Search

The majority of domains and IP addresses on the internet have whatsocalled  Whois information, which refers to internet asset owners information such as domain name, IP address, and AS(abbreviation for Autonomous System). This Whois information helps users estimate where the cyberattack was initiated and has been widely used in digital forensics. Criminal IP provides you [...]

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