[Criminal IP v1.3.1] 2022-11-22 Release Notes

An update to Criminal IP v1.3.1 has been released. Major changes include: [Criminal IP v1.3.1] Release Notes Maintenance Period: 2022.11.22 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC) [New Features] Top 10 Domain list now shows up on top of the search tab when search mode is set to Domain Search on Criminal IP's Main Search Page. Top 10 Domain list [...]

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[Criminal IP v1.2.15] 2022-11-02 Release Note

n update to Criminal IP v1.2.15 has been released. Major changes include: [Criminal IP v1.2.15] Release Notes Maintenance Period: 2022.11.02 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC) [New Feature] Added Open APIs /v1/feature/ip/malicious-info: API for pulling potentially malicious information about specified IP /v1/feature/ip/privacy-threat: API for viewing webcam/IoT product service information /v1/feature/ip/is_safe_dns_server: API for viewing DNS Server IP credibility Thank you to all [...]

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[Criminal IP v1.2.5] 2022-08-25 Release Notes

An update to Criminal IP v1.2.5 has been released. Major changes include: [Criminal IP v1.2.5] Release Notes Release Date:  2022.08.25 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC) [New Change] Added phishing detection feature "Probability of Phishing URL" to Domain Search Results Summary Added a pop-up that redirects to filter search results for Asset Search's IP information page and Banner information's [...]

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[Criminal IP Release Note] v1.2.3 2022-08-11

The latest v1.2.3 of Criminal IP is now available. Major changes include: Domain Search has now been officially released, and our Asset Search function has been updated to become more user-friendly. [Criminal IP v1.2.3] Release Notes Maintenance Period and Release Date:  2022.08.11 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC) [New Changes] Officially released Domain Search function This highly anticipated feature [...]

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