DDoS Attack Case Study: 20 Hours of Unprovoked Aggression

Recently, there was a GET Flooding Attack-type DDoS attack case on a web services company for about 20 hours. Various attack traffic was detected on the login page, which caused a serious load on the server and ultimately paralyzed the entire login function. The CIP Team was provided with data from the attack with the cooperation [...]

Criminal IP Analysis Report on Log4j Attack Patterns

The Log4j vulnerability has impacted the world, leading hackers to conduct daily scans of servers worldwide in search of those infected with Log4j vulnerabilities, which could potentially allow them to take control of the servers. We have closely examined their scanning technologies to identify servers with Log4j vulnerabilities. The hackers' primary method involved sending the [...]

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Criminal IP Analysis Report on Log4j Attack IP Addresses

‘Criminal IP’, a cyber threat intelligence platform of AI Spera AI Spera, a cyber threat intelligence company, has revealed detection and analysis data about 8,900 attack logs on Log4j (Log4Shell) vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-44228) through its own threat intelligence platform ‘Criminal IP’. Since domestic and foreign security industries have yet to respond perfectly to Log4j vulnerabilities, it [...]

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