[Criminal IP Release Note] v1.2.1 2022-07-20

An update to Criminal IP v1.2.1 has been released. The major changes include:   [Criminal IP v1.2.1] Release Note Release Date: Jul 20, 06:00~08:00 (UTC) [New Change] Added favicon data to Asset Search and Element Analysis Added most-searched favicons list to Asset Search's keyword search result. Click favicon in the list to navigate to the search results with [...]

Criminal IP Analysis Report on Overlooked Multi-Function Printer Vulnerability

How would you feel if your personal information, such as your ID and resume, were posted online? Using an internet-connected multi-function printer (MFP) to scan and email important personal information has become commonplace for individuals and enterprises. Since these files should never be leaked, people transfer their data by setting zip passwords or sending a link with [...]

Search for Defaced Websites Using Title Filter in Asset Search

Website defacement is a cyberattack in which a hacker gains unauthorized access to a website and alters its visual appearance, often leaving behind evidence indicating that the website has been attacked. This attack would feel like nothing if the screen is the only one that is changed. In reality, however, this implies that the hacker gains [...]

[Announcement] Criminal IP Global Beta Goes Live!

Criminal IP Global Beta going live!  Be in the know with your cyberthreats so that your adversaries don't stand a chance! It's all here in the Search  FREE TO SEARCH WITH OUR FREE BETA We are delighted to announce that Criminal IP beta pre-recruitment has successfully ended and hereby officially announce Criminal IP beta [...]

Introduction to Criminal IP

Genesis of Criminal IP With the global increase in cybercrimes, the demand for intelligence-driven security has skyrocketed. However, meeting this demand requires a significant initial investment and the need to secure enough skilled personnel and gather information. Therefore, we have developed a service addressing this urgent need to diagnose cyber threats. The most decisive clue [...]

Criminal IP Analysis Report on Log4j Attack IP Addresses

‘Criminal IP’, a cyber threat intelligence platform of AI Spera AI Spera, a cyber threat intelligence company, has revealed detection and analysis data about 8,900 attack logs on Log4j (Log4Shell) vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-44228) through its own threat intelligence platform ‘Criminal IP’. Since domestic and foreign security industries have yet to respond perfectly to Log4j vulnerabilities, it [...]

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