Search for Website Defacement Using Title Filter in Asset Search(title:”hacked by”)

Website Defacement (Link: Description of Website Defacement) , which refers to a cyber attack where a hacker penetrates a website and changes its visual appearance, is an act of intentionally leaving evidence that the website has been attacked. This attack would feel like nothing if the screen is the only one that is changed. [...]

Introduction to Criminal IP

Genesis of Criminal IP With the global surge in cybercrimes, we are witnessing that the demand for intelligence-driven security is shooting up at an unprecedented rate. But in order to meet this demand, exorbitant initial cost is inevitable, which is further compounded by the necessity to secure enough manpower and collect information. Therefore, we have [...]

Criminal IP Analysis Report on Log4j Attack Patterns

Log4j vulnerability hit the world. Hackers are scanning all the servers around the world everyday in search for servers infected with the Log4j vulnerabilities that would enable to them to eventually take over the servers. We took a close look at what scanning technologies that they use to find servers with Log4j vulnerabilities. Their most [...]

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