Search for Defaced Websites Using Title Filter in Asset Search

Website defacement is a cyberattack in which a hacker gains unauthorized access to a website and alters its visual appearance, often leaving behind evidence indicating that the website has been attacked. This attack would feel like nothing if the screen is the only one that is changed. In reality, however, this implies that the hacker gains [...]

Introduction to Criminal IP

Genesis of Criminal IP With the global increase in cybercrimes, the demand for intelligence-driven security has skyrocketed. However, meeting this demand requires a significant initial investment and the need to secure enough skilled personnel and gather information. Therefore, we have developed a service addressing this urgent need to diagnose cyber threats. The most decisive clue [...]

Criminal IP Analysis Report on Log4j Attack Patterns

The Log4j vulnerability has impacted the world, leading hackers to conduct daily scans of servers worldwide in search of those infected with Log4j vulnerabilities, which could potentially allow them to take control of the servers. We have closely examined their scanning technologies to identify servers with Log4j vulnerabilities. The hackers' primary method involved sending the [...]

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