Criminal IP, Splunk Integrated FDS App Released

If you are a Criminal IP and Spunk user, here's good news! The Criminal IP and Splunk integrated app that integrates the log analysis platform Splunk dashboard and the Criminal IP FDS (Fraud Detection System) API function has been released. You can now download Criminal IP FDS from Splunkbase and monitor real-time logs of enterprises' fraudulent transactions and abusing users [...]

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IP Intelligence: How to Handle IP Addresses That Attempt to Circumvent Anti-Spam System

In order to stop spam mails, it is common for companies to have several anti-spam systems and spam filters implemented in their mail servers. Nevertheless, there are many cases where anti-spam system are often bypassed.  In order to bypass the anti-spam system, attackers use official mail services from well-known conglomerates or send malicious mails by [...]

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Attack Surface Management: Monitoring Unknown Assets and Vulnerabilities

It is well-known that most companies utilize various network equipment, databases, applications, and domains and that these IT properties often operate under a myriad of IP addresses and ports. Hackers with malicious intent, with this knowledge, begin their methods of infiltration by searching for open ports and targeting servers with severe security vulnerabilities. This has made Attack [...]

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Open Port Vulnerability Detection: the More Open Ports You Have, the More Cyber Threats Exist

Global IP address data collected by Criminal IP ( includes synthetic CTI intelligence which is including connected domains and Whois information, location information, vulnerabilities and port information. Port is primarily used in software as a unit to distinguish between network services and processes, and can be distinguished by port numbers from 0 to 65535. In particular, ports 0 to [...]

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VPN Detection: Finding Unwelcomed Guests on Your Network

One of the most powerful features of Criminal IP API, the VPN Detection API, is used to identify anonymous intruders using VPNs regardless of their intentions. With Criminal IP ('s API capability, you can apply our entire data, including but not limited to VPN IP addresses, across corporate and institutional security teams, as well as the cybersecurity industry. [...]

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Find Your Company IP

With the acceleration of digital transformation and the growing number of companies extending their businesses to the cloud, many unmonitored external attack surfaces (VPNs, RDPs, SMBs, certificates, mobile devices, etc.) are giving rise to frequent attacks by threat actors. To successfully protect external attack surface, IT assets must be identified with pinpoint precision and real-time [...]

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Detection of Vulnerability Through Asset Search

Developer organizations heavily rely on numerous tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, and productivity, and more and more companies are markedly turning to application packaging tools such as Docker and Kubernetes. Because Docker containers allow you to visualize applications, configurations, libraries , distribute them, and install in one go without the need to work on private [...]

Domain Search: Checking Suspicious Domains Using CIP Domain Search

From the past, attackers have long been employing malicious methods to set up phishing sites disguising as famous sites and steal personal financial information via emails, SMS and online community boards. According to Verizon's '21 Data Breach Investigation Report’, it was found that 36% of breaches were associated with phishing, which is an indicator of [...]

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Searching for VPN IP Exposure Through Criminal IP and Recommendations for Protective Measures

With remote work being on the rise due to COVID-19, more and more companies are using VPN, which in turn is leading to a spike in attacks that exploit the vulnerabilities found in VPN. Some classic examples include the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Korea Aerospace Industry in Korea where attackers were all [...]

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