Detect Citrix Vulnerabilities With the OSINT Tool: CVE-2022-27510, CVE-2022-27518

In late 2022, two vulnerabilities, CVE-2022-27510 and CVE-2022-27518, were reported in Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway. These two Citrix vulnerabilities are a critical issue with a CVSS score of 9.8, and reports are still being made about how these CVEs are used in hacking attempts. Many Citrix ADCs and Gateways with corresponding security vulnerabilities are [...]

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Docker Container Security Risks for You To Be Aware Of

Docker is a virtualization platform based on container technology. Virtualization is a technology that creates virtual machines to efficiently utilize hardware, which is a physical resource. Depending on the virtualization method, it is divided into virtual machines and containers. Container technology refers to a technology that creates an independent environment by isolating processes while using the [...]

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Algolia API Key Raises Severe Hacking Concerns

Algolia is a hosted search engine service for web surfing that uses a SaaS model. This service can process searches quickly and ensure easy implementation with websites and mobile applications by issuing an Algolia API key after registration. Thousands of companies use Algolia for this advantage alone. Recently, the security issue of Algolia's API key, [...]

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Exposed Redis Server, a Distributor of Coin Mining Malicious Code 

Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) is a non-relational database management system for storing and managing unstructured data in a key-value structure. Unstructured data is raw data that cannot be filtered without a fixed format, and it includes various formats like web logs, XML, JSON, images, texts, audio and video files, and more. Redis supports asynchronous replication, [...]

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New OpenSSL Vulnerability : More than 14,000 Unpatched Servers

On October 31st, new OpenSSL vulnerabilities were discovered: CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602. This vulnerability is related to X.509 Email Address Buffer Overflow. In particular, overflow may occur due to Punycode used to process the name constraint checking function for X.509 certificate verification introduced in OpenSSL 3.0.0. Punycode: The algorithm used to convert Unicode strings to ASCII strings by encoding [...]

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Web Server Vulnerabilities Caused by Software Package Bundle

Open-source web servers, especially Apache HTTP servers, have seen a tremendous increase in the number of vulnerabilities that hackers have consistently exploited since 2017. Hackers exploit various vulnerabilities to attack web servers, with one of the targets being web servers installed as software packages. This article shows how to detect web server vulnerabilities caused by [...]

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CVE-2022-40684: Fortinet Authentication Vulnerability That Threatens Fortinet Users

On Oct. 7, 2022, less than a month after the ProxyNotshell attack that used MS Exchange Server Zero-Day vulnerability, Fortinet authentication bypass vulnerability CVE-2022-40684 was discovered. This vulnerability is threatening users of Fortinet products like Fortigate, Fortiproxy and Fortiswitch Manager. It is especially prevalent in products being ran on version Firmware 7.x.  This article discusses the analysis [...]

Government Servers Hacked by the Unseen Cryptojackers

Cryptojacking is an illegal method of cryptocurrency mining that operates by infecting third party IT assets with malware. This form of malicious hacker attacks have been more or less a common occurrence. Recent events show that their penetration methods are growing increasingly sophisticated. Furthermore, the task itself leaves little trace. The sole purpose of this [...]

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LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Case Study: A Huge Cybersecurity Risk

In this article, we will analyze Lockbit 3.0 ransomware cases and determine how attacks similar to these cases can be prevented. What is LockBit 3.0 Ransomware? LockBit 3.0 (also known as Lockbit Black) is a ransomware created by the cybercrime syndicate LockBit. September 2019 marked the beginning where this ransomware was used, with the 3.0 [...]

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Cloud Attack Surfaces: Detecting Active AWS Assets Left Unattended

Plenty of vulnerable default welcome pages can be found on a cloud attack surface. Software engineers who understand AWS cloud characteristics or users who have encountered AWS' default welcome pages can detect neglected systems in a default welcome page state using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) searches. Furthermore, it is not necessary to know specific product names [...]

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