An update to Criminal IP v1.44.1 has been released.

[Criminal IP v1.44.1] Regular Maintenance and Update Release Note

  • Maintenance Period: 2023.11.09  05:00 ~ 10:00 AM (UTC)

[New Changes]

  • Added GitHub PoC Link to the Vulnerability section under IP Report 
    • The GitHub PoC Link feature for IP Report under Asset Search has been added. You can check out the GitHub repository where the corresponding PoC for each vulnerability has been published.
    • Hovering your mouse on the GitHub PoC repository lets you check the number of Stars.
    • Clicking on the repository icon redirects you to the GitHub page.
    • This feature is available for Lite Plan members and above.
IP Report에 추가된 GitHub PoC Link 기능
GitHub PoC Link Feature Added for IP Report
  • New API Integration – CISCO
    • Cisco XDR/SecureX allows you to empower your security operations (SecOps) team to confidently respond to the most sophisticated threats with better visibility and actionable insights across networks, cloud, endpoints, email, and more.
    • With Criminal IP Threat Intelligence integrated with Cisco Secure, users gain deep visibility into IP address information by accessing critical information across all XDR/SecureX products, including open ports, CVE (Vulnerabilities and Exposures), anti-tracking services (VPN/TOR/Hosting…) WHOIS information, connected domains, certificates in use as well as malicious activity history. 
    • We are currently working on making the Criminal IP module usable for XDR/SecureX services within the Cisco platform Integration Modules tab. If you want to use this feature earlier, you can contact the support team to request an integration code at
Cisco Added Under Criminal IP API Integrations


  • Changes to the Criminal IP Open API Specifications
    • The v1/ip/data, v1/ip/summary API names and the URL for the Specifications page have been changed.
      *To avoid inconveniences for previous API users, both the previous and changed API will be available for the time being. Please note that the previous API will soon be discontinued.
Previous API NameChanged API Name
Criminal IP Open API의 변경된 IP 주소 데이터 호출 응답 형태
Modified Format for the Criminal IP Open API IP Address Data Responses
  • Improved link errors in the Malicious IP section under Statistics 
    • The incorrect related search feature provided by associative searches under Malicious IP in Statistics has been removed.
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Thank you to all Criminal IP users.

We will continue to perform regular maintenance and updates to ensure service improvement.