An update to Criminal IP v1.42.1 has been released. 

[Criminal IP v1.42.1] Regular Maintenance and Update Release Note

  • Maintenance Period: 2023.10.12 05:00~10:00 AM (UTC)


  • Screen Display UX Improvement for Page Scroll
    • The navigation bar at the top remains fixed when you scroll through Criminal IP pages on all devices. 
Screen Display UX Improvements for Page Scroll on Criminal IP
  • UI/UX Improvements for Mobile Devices 
    • After clicking a menu on a mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to the selected menu.
    • A pricing button has now been added to the top header on mobile devices.
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements

Thank you to all Criminal IP users.
We will continue to perform regular maintenance and updates to ensure service improvement.