An update to Criminal IP v1.40.1 has been released.

[Criminal IP v1.40.1] Regular Maintenance and Update Release Note

  • Maintenance Period: 2023.09.21 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)


  • Domain Search Lite Scan Report UI/UX improved
    • The UI/UX for cases where login or plan upgrades are additionally required among the needed data for a Full Scan.
Improved UI/UX for Lite Scan reports in Criminal IP Domain Search
  • Open API Specification page Improvements
    • /v1/ip/data Added detect_info value to Open API response values. ip/data API calls now additionally return the md5 value of the MISP data.
score: 1 (Safe)Completely legitimate IP address
score: 2 (Low)Almost legitimate IP address
score: 3 (Moderate)Possibly malicious IP address
score: 4 (Dangerous)IP address likely to be malicious
score: 5 (Critical)IP address with a high probability of being malicious
  • Open API replacement instructions added
    • Added change notices to the existing API specification pages for the three modified Domain Open APIs.
      *For the convenience of existing API users, both the current API and the updated API will be available for the time being. The existing API will be discontinued at a later date.
Current API Name (Guidance description added)Updated API Name
Change notices added to the Criminal IP Open API Specification page for APIs that will be changed
  • Order criteria when using the ‘after’ filter in Asset Search improved
    • Addressed the inconvenience of displaying search results in the latest date order when using the ‘after’ filter. Search results will now be sorted in ascending order. 
      ex) apache after: 2022-12-24
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements

[Criminal IP ASM]

  • Verifiable information for detected assets added
    • Added open port information to asset information registered in IP Assets.
    • Added initial detection time information for each asset registered in IP Assets, Domain/Certificates.

Thank you to all Criminal IP users. 
We will continue to perform regular checks and updates to ensure service improvement.