[Criminal IP v1.36.1] Regular Maintenance and Update Release Note

  • Maintenance Period: 2023.08.03 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)

[New Changes]

  • GitHub Reference Page Open – A page showcasing code references utilizing the Criminal IP API, shared on GitHub, has been opened. 
    • Criminal IP Official GitHub: You can find various Open API utilization scripts on the Criminal IP’s official GitHub repository list.
    • Open-source use cases: You can find useful code examples developed by Criminal IP users. 
    • Recommendations: You can find cases where Criminal IP is recommended as a useful CTI search engine and OSINT tool. 
GitHub Reference page added to Criminal IP
GitHub Reference page added to Criminal IP
  • New API Integration – STIX™ 
    • STIX™(Structured Threat Information Expression) is a structured language and serialization data format used to exchange Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).
    • Criminal IP-data-STIX GitHub Repository contains Python-based code that converts Criminal IP data into STIX 2.1 JSON language. By utilizing this code, users can quickly analyze IP address threat intelligence of Criminal IP in the STIX language.
STIX added to Criminal IP API Integrations page
API explanation for integration of Criminal IP data to STIX
API explanation for integration of Criminal IP data to STIX


  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.

[Criminal IP ASM]

  • Asset Risk Score Improvement
    • The Asset Risk Score has been enhanced based on the CVE Risk score, incorporating CVSS v3.
  • Enhanced User-Friendly Features for IP Assets
    • A completion confirmation or error guidance message has been added when making description modifications in IP Assets. 
  • Enhanced Subdomain Lookup Speed
    • The speed of subdomain detection and monitoring has been improved. Users with a large number of subdomains can now monitor them at a faster pace.

Thank you to all Criminal IP users. 
We will continue to perform regular checks and updates to ensure service improvement.