[Criminal IP v1.34.1] Regular Maintenance and Update Release Note

  • Maintenance Period: 2023.07.06 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)

[New Changes]

  • An Exposure feature has been added to Domain Search
    • You can use the Exposure feature to inspect website components and detect the presence of sensitive files such as ‘Git configuration files’, ‘config.json files’, ‘wp-json files’, ‘phpinfo files’ and more.
    • You can check the added feature at the tags in the Domain Search results and the Exposure section in the Domain Search Report.
    • The Exposure feature and data are only available to Lite or higher plan subscribers.
Criminal IP Domain Search에 URL 검색 결과에 추가된 Exposure 데이터
Exposure data added to the URL search results in Criminal IP Domain Search
Criminal IP Domain Report에 추가된 Exposure 기능
Exposure feature added to the Criminal IP Domain Report
Criminal IP Exposure 기능으로 확인한 웹사이트의 민감 정보 파일 상세내역
Details of a sensitive information file for websites detected by the Criminal IP Exposure feature


  • The name of the hidden IP address detection feature in the DNS Service has been changed from ‘Protected IP’ to ‘Real IP’.
  • An Information UI explaining the definitions of Inbound and Outbound has been added to the Asset Search > Report.
Definition description texts of Inbound, Outbound added to the Criminal IP Asset Search
  • The display UI of features and data only available for certain plans and above in Asset Search and Domain Search Report have been changed.
The display UI of available features and data depends on the Criminal IP subscription plan
  • The data example values and error table in Developer > API > API Specification have been updated.
    • API specifications of GET/ip/data, GET/ip/summary, GET/ip/vpn, GET/ip/hosting, GET/ip/suspicious-info, GET/banner/search, and GET/banner/stats have been changed.
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Thank you to all Criminal IP users. 
We will continue to perform regular checks and updates to ensure service improvement.