As of April 17th, 2023, Criminal IP’s beta service has ended, and the official service has been launched!

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the beta testers worldwide for their valuable contribution to the improvement of service features and data over the past year.

Criminal IP’s Official Service Release: Plan and Payment Support Information

Criminal IP’s official service offers three online subscription plans, Lite, Medium, and Pro. These plans are provided at reasonable prices, and users can select a plan based on their usage and needs, depending on the provided features and the number of credits. Users such as vulnerability analysts, white hat hackers, security experts, companies, and institutions, can subscribe to the plan that suits their needs.

Additionally, Criminal IP provides an Enterprise plan for companies that allows customization and unlimited data access, as well as a Free membership plan for non-paying users.

Criminal IP API is provided for all plans, from the Free membership plan to the Enterprise plan.

3 plans you can subscribe to online at the Criminal IP webpage

Free membership

  • Search 500 banners and 100 IP addresses per month 
  • Search 100,000 URLs and scan 10,000 URLs per month 
  • IP addresses, Domain Threat Score 
  • Provides all Search functions except Exploit Search
  • Provides all Intelligence features except Banner Explorer and Vulnerability
  • General Filters provided


  • Search 1 million banners and 100,000 IP addresses per month 
  • Search 100,000 URLs and scan 10,000 URLs per month 
  • IP addresses, domain threat score 
  • All Search and Intelligence features provided
  • General Filters provided 


  • Search 20 million banners and 1 million IP addresses per month 
  • Search 600,000 URLs and scan 30,000 URLs per month
  • IP addresses, Domain Threat Score 
  • All Search and Intelligence features provided
  • Domain Private Full Scan provided 
  • General and Vulnerability Filters provided
  • Download Results feature provided 


  • Search unlimited banners and IP addresses per month 
  • Search 2,000,000 URLs and scan 80,000 URLs per month 
  • IP addresses, Domain Threat Score 
  • All Search and Intelligence features provided
  • Domain Private Full Scan feature provided 
  • General Filters, Vulnerability Filter, and Tag Search Filter provided
  • Download Results feature provided 
  • Criminal IP ASM – Manual Asset Registration provided


  • Unlimited data access to all features
  • SSL Scanning feature provided 
  • Real IP Detection feature provided 
  • Criminal IP ASM provided 
  • OSINT Detection feature provided
  • Several accounts and API keys provided 
  • Latest threat data (IP, URL) provided 
  • Threat Intelligence News provided 
  • SecOps Control Systems or Source Codes Provided 
  • 1:1 Customer Support and Customizing provided 
  • New paid functions provided for free
  • Commercial use allowed
Information about the Criminal IP Enterprise plan

All Criminal IP users can register for a free account on the Register page. Upon creating an account, users will automatically be set as Free membership plan users. You can change your current plan anytime on the Pricing page. 

Lite, Medium, and Pro plans can be paid for online on the Criminal IP webpage. Credit and debit cards, along with PayPal are provided. We are planning to add more payment methods, including simple payment services.

Criminal IP Academic Plan

Criminal IP provides a search engine and API data for students, teachers, and academic institutions. 

If your purchase the Academic plan in a university or graduate school research lab, you can use the Pro plan at a significantly discounted price by submitting proof of academic and non-commercial use. Please inquire about our Academic plan through Contact Us.

Information about the Criminal IP Academic plan

Payment Information and Credit Status Inquiry

Online subscription payment plans are automatically charged once per month based on the initial payment date, and your credit is renewed with each monthly payment.
You can view your payment information, including your account’s plan subscription status, payment history, and next payment date, at any time on the My Order page, and your credit usage and remaining credit quantity on the My Info page.

For other questions about payment and credits, please refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of the Pricing page, or contact us through the Support page.

We will continue to actively incorporate user feedback for service and feature improvements during the official service period to make Criminal IP a more useful platform.

We hope you will continue to stay with Criminal IP in the future.

Thank you.