An update to Criminal IP v1.2.11 has been released. Major changes include:

[Criminal IP v1.2.11] Release Notes

  • Maintenance Period : 2022.09.27 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)

[New Feature]

  • Restructuring Domain Search API 
    • Added /v1/domain/status/[id]: An API that allows you to check progress when conducting a new scan of domain
    • (Original) When accessing /v1/domain/reports API, only the latest report was given or a new scan proceeded → (Updated) A list of all scan history that matches the query will be given
  • Detailed description of Domain Search result’s invalid SSL detection
    • If the invalid SSL is true, the reason is shown in detail

Criminal IP V1.2.11 업데이트 - Invalid SSL 탐지 세분화

  • Additional collection and improvement of Asset Search’s banner data
    • Firewall banner collection of Port 264 CheckPoint FW-1
    • Supplement the banner grabbing of Port MongoDB (TCP 27017)
  • Improvement of searchable Tag’s on Asset Search
    • Consolidated and simplified existing tags for user search convenience (From 272 to 43)
    • Added additional tags of new products

Server Backup Manager SE  (tag: SBM)

phpLDAPadmin Tagging (tag: LDAP)

Firewall Authentication (tag: Firewall)

Cisco Systems Login (tag: Wifi / Admin)

SAP Business Cloud (tag: Cloud)

GCP, Azure, AWS Metadata  (tag: Cloud)

Pulse Connect Secure SSL-VPN Equipment (tag: SSL VPN)

(UPS System) (tag: Embeded)

ElasticSearch Cluster Front-end plugin (tag: DevOps)

HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) (tag: IPMI)

Jboss_enterprise_application_platform / Hasbani_web_server / Webfs / Prtg_network_monitor / Imunify360 Webshield / Virata_EmWeb / Payara Enterprise / Payara Community / TinyWeb / Drogon / JFinal / Abyss Web Server / Abyss Web Server_X1 / Abyss Web Server_X2 / Rational_team_concert  / Hiawatha / TiVo To Go httpd / WindRiver-WebServer / IP_Office / Calibre / Wowza_Streaming_Engine / CirCarLife_Scada / CouchDB / gSOAP / Zotonic

    • Added DB products


    • Added other products

LG WebOS / Wireless_Devices

Thank you to all Criminal IP Beta Testers. We value and appreciate your vested interest in Criminal IP, and we will continue to do our very best to improve our services. 

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