An update to Criminal IP v1.2.8 has been released. Major changes include:

[Criminal IP v1.2.8] Release Notes 

  • Maintenance Period : 2022.09.20 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)

[New Change]

Launch of Criminal IP’s Attack Surface Management Solution 

The new Attack Surface Management solution, “Criminal IP RMR” ( has officially launched on Criminal IP’s global service

Criminal IP RMR is a threat intelligence based automated Attack Surface Management solution. It automatically monitors any exposed IT assets and vulnerabilities of an organization and provides them with reports and dashboards based on findings (Please refer to our article Attack Surface Management: Monitoring Unknown Assets and Vulnerabilities for more information.)

Application for free demo and purchase of Criminal IP Enterprise License is currently available. Should you choose to proceed, all functions of Attack Surface Management including dashboard, will be available for use under Criminal IP’s Attack Surface Management menu. Personal Attack Surface Management will be released by payments through Criminal IP Global Service in the near future. (Coming Soon)

>Criminal IP Attack Surface Management< 

Learn how to use Criminal IP’s RMR Attack Surface Management Solution and get an overview of features and FAQ today!


  • Started collecting Riak’s (port 8087) banner
  • Started collecting Ubiquiti Networds Device (UDP port 10001)
  • Improved for detailed output of Rsync’s (port 873) banner data
  • Increased the proportion reflected in overall threat scoring from 40% to 50% when Domain Search’s probability of phishing URL is above 99%

Thank you to all Criminal IP Beta Testers. We value and appreciate your vested interest in Criminal IP, and we will continue to do our very best to improve our services. 

Your genuine feedback would be greatly appreciated as it provides us an insight into the experience of all our users. With that being said, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out our survey.