An update to Criminal IP v1.2.5 has been released. Major changes include:

[Criminal IP v1.2.5] Release Notes

  • Release Date:  2022.08.25 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)

[New Change]

  • Added phishing detection feature “Probability of Phishing URL” to Domain Search Results Summary


  • Added a pop-up that redirects to filter search results for Asset Search‘s IP information page and Banner information’s title, status menu



  • Improved results screen UI/UX shown for domain addresses with no results


  • Improved UI/UX for keyword/filter value output


    1. IBM FlashSystem 5000 Storage System (tag: storage)
    2. Samsung wireless AP manager (tag: wifi)
    3. SenseTime, a AI-based facial recognition system (tag: cctv)
    4. NAVER Cloud VM (tag: vm)
    5. Hadoop cluster monitoring tool (tag: monitoring)
    6. CloudFormation (tag: aws)
    7. Motioneye cctv (tag: cctv)
    8. Kubernetes (tag: cloud)
    9. Apache Superset (tag: devops)
    10. Netis wireless WiFi AP  router (tag: wifi)
    11. BitTorrent page (tag: torrent)
    12. SIP Phone (tag: tftp)
  • Added more range of searchable product families to Asset Search‘s product filter
  1. istio-envoy
  2. axhttpd
  3. tinyproxy
  4. kangle
  5. Panasonic AVC Server
  6. Mbedthis-AppWeb
  7. Nimble
  8. Allegro-Software-RomPager
  9. Sun-ONE-Web-Server
  10. CherryPy
  11. TS-251D, TS-231P2, TS-228, TVS-1271U-RP  (QNAP)
  12. E2EE Server
  13. nPerf
  14. motionEye
  15. Kerio Connect
  16. SyncThru Web Service
  17. Microsoft-WinCE
  18. uhttpd
  19. David-WebBox

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