The latest v1.2.3 of Criminal IP is now available. Major changes include:

Domain Search has now been officially released, and our Asset Search function has been updated to become more user-friendly.

[Criminal IP v1.2.3] Release Notes

  • Maintenance Period and Release Date:  2022.08.11 06:00~08:00 AM (UTC)

[New Changes]

Officially released Domain Search function

This highly anticipated feature has passed the stability testing phase and is now officially available.

                                                                             Domain Search

Our Domain Search ( function scans inputted domains in real-time, and provides important and comprehensive information to users such as but not limited to domain risk scoring, possible presences of malicious and phishing sites, domain certificate information etc.

Diagnoses through our Domain Search function is immediate, to the point that newly generated malicious URLs can be detected and flagged immediately. We expect that our diagnostic results will have great effect in reducing the circulation of malicious links.

For those interested in this latest feature, we would like to refer you to our latest post on the Criminal IP blog, where we cover cases of unearthing illegal deep-fake websites using this very feature.

  • Domain scans (and re-scans) are limited to 10 tries daily per user. However, users still have unrestricted access to information regarding domains with archived data scans.

> Criminal IP Domain Search <


adobe, apple, azure, cdn, data leak, ics, iot, malicious, nas, spyware

  • Added products that can be searched using product filter in Asset Search (if a separate product keyword is not specified, users can search for results using product names)
    • New Products added to the HTTP Protocol Banner

AkamaiGHost, Alphapd, Cloudflare, EdgePrism,Google Video Server

JAWS, JSP3, Kestrel, Lego Server, Microsoft Azure Application Gateway

NEC Aterm admin, Nord, QNAP, Tridium Niagara

TwistedWeb(product: twisted), Windows Terminal Server

    • New Products added to the SSH Protocol Banner

FileZilla Server

    • New Products added to the SMTP Protocol Banner


    • Crestron found on port 41794 and Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley found on port 44818
  • Added contact information and SNS icons at the bottom of the pages

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