When creating a website, usually use tools such as WordPress or code directly. Whatever ways that you use, HTML is an essential language for creating a website. There is an element called a meta tag in HTML. This is a tag that summarizes the main point about the website, which is one of the necessary factors to increase the exposure of the website. Criminal IP (https://www.criminalip.io) provides a meta description search filter, one of the meta tags. Using this filter, you can lookup the IP address of a website that contains the keyword you want to search in the HTML meta description element.

How to Search for HTML Meta Description

Using the html_meta_description filter at Criminal IP Asset Search (https://www.criminalip.io/asset) is pretty simple. You can put keywords that you are interested in next to the filter name. If you are interested in NFT, which is a new emerging market these days, you can enter html_meta_description: NFT. Below are search results using this filter.

html_meta_description: NFT

Search results for html_meta_description: NFT in Criminal IP Asset Search

Search results for html_meta_description: NFT in Criminal IP Asset Search

A website of the search results contains the keyword “NFT” in <meta name=”description”> that we use as a filter value. Just so you know if you press F12 it will enter the developer tool.

A search result using meta description filter indicates that the developer tool screen of the site found, keyword, matches the meta description.

The developer tool screen for the site found by meta description search shows the keywords matching the meta description.

 As you can see, Criminal IP uses meta description searches to find websites that are hard to find through Google searches alone. In addition, only secure websites can be explored through various threat information that can determine threats from websites, such as risk scores.

How to Use Another HTML Meta Description Filter

Exposed SCADA devices that cause serious security incidents can also be found using the html_meta_description filter. For reference, an abbreviation of SCADA is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, a computer system that monitors and controls industrial control systems (ICS). Unlike existing mechanical systems monitored and controlled in the field, SCADA systems have the advantage of allowing for remote monitoring and control of facilities from a central location. However, due to their connection to the internet and sometimes weak security measures, SCADA systems can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, making them potential targets for cyber terrorism. In fact, in the winter of 2015, about 230,000 residents were damaged by BlackEnergy malware attacks in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of western Ukraine.

When using the Asset Search feature on Criminal IP (https://www.criminalip.io/asset) and searching for “SCADA,” the search results will include all servers with SCADA in their banner. While some of these servers may be directly related to SCADA, others may simply contain general information about SCADA. To narrow down the search results to actual SCADA servers, one can use the html_meta_description filter. When searching for html_meta_description: SCADA on Criminal IP, a total of 295 servers were found.

html_meta_description: SCADA

Search results for for html_meta_description: SCADA in Criminal IP Asset Search

Search results for html_meta_description: SCADA in Criminal IP Asset Search

During the search, it was found that some of the SCADA servers were unprotected and could be vulnerable to attacks by hackers. By using html meta description search, it is possible to identify exposed servers that may be susceptible to attacks.

We have posted a blog about how to detect vulnerabilities in collaboration tools by meta_description search before, so check it out to learn more about filter usage.

Source : Criminal IP (https://www.criminalip.io)

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