One of the most powerful features of Criminal IP API, the VPN Detection API, is used to identify anonymous intruders using VPNs regardless of their intentions. With Criminal IP (‘s API capability, you can apply our entire data, including but not limited to VPN IP addresses, across corporate and institutional security teams, as well as the cybersecurity industry.

VPN, an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, is a data security tool that is widely and legally used in the majority of countries. However, VPNs are often used with malicious intent. For example, attackers commonly exploit VPNs to avoid being traced when breaking into corporate and institutional networks. Moreover, some users abuse VPN’s anonymity to damage businesses and individuals as well. This is why VPN detection and appropriate actions against users accessing with VPN can prevent the bulk of possible threats in advance.

[Criminal IP Search 101- How to Check for VPN IP Addresses on an OSINT Search Engine]

Detecting VPN IP Addresses on a Global Scale

In order to identify whether an IP address uses VPN, all IP address data must be present and VPN detection of them must be conducted. Criminal IP uses its own algorithm based on banner and port information from 4.2 billion IP addresses worldwide to provide in-depth analysis of each address, which can also be found on Criminal IP Asset Search.

Upon searching for a certain IP address on Asset Search (, you will be able to see VPN detection result. If marked “N/A” or “False” under the Detection section of the Summary, this implies that the IP is not using VPN, Tor, Proxy, and more.

Result of a normal IP address on Criminal IP Asset Search

On the other hand, if detected to be using VPN on Asset Search, you will see a tag “VPN” beside the IP address as well as “True” under the Detection section.

Result of a normal IP address on Criminal IP Asset Search

Detecting VPN IP Addresses with Fresh Data

Another condition for detecting VPN IP addresses is the fresh data. As VPN IP addresses are newly formed and deleted on a daily basis, using outdated data can misidentify and block users who actually did not use VPN.

To avert this possibility, Criminal IP API ( the highest data freshness to allow detecting every newly created and deleted VPN IP addresses, and even live service users.

Criminal IP’s data update cycle

Integrating the Latest VPN IP Address Data with Speedy API

As mentioned earlier, VPN IP addresses are either newly created or deleted every day. Therefore, in order to detect all these rapidly changing addresses, businesses need fast-paced APIs. To satisfy this need, Criminal IP provides APIs where companies and institutions can easily integrate with their existing security systems and gain access to Criminal IP’s threat intelligence data, including VPN IP, in its entirety. But most importantly, CIP’s API response time is less than 1 second.

Criminal IP API description

On Criminal IP’s Developer ( menu,  you can find code samples for API integration.

Code samples for API integration

Malicious VPN usage has been on the rise, especially in the economy sector. IP spoofing is a common tool for those seeking to commit financial fraud, and preventing malicious actors from accessing these tools must be the priority. Use Criminal IP’s API to determine VPNs, Tors, Proxies, and Severs and prevent attacks from happening in the first place. In addition, criminal IP can detect anomaly behavior and combine this technology through artificial intelligence and machine learning, emerging as a leading cybersecurity provider.

Furthermore, Criminal IP has gathered over 70 million cases of fraud accounts, all gathered through OSINT technology. This has made our services recognized as one of the best fraud protection services on the market. This list was provided by– a research-based online publication on which you can find everything from bitcoin news to suggestions for the best digital workplace products.

Upon creating a Criminal IP account at, you will be issued the API Key and be eligible to quickly integrate with all Criminal IP APIs, including VPN detection. If your enterprise requires a large number of API calls, Criminal IP can provide customized calls upon request.

If you would like to see more Criminal IP use cases, please contact Criminal IP Sales Team.

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