Most domains and IP addresses on the internet have WHOIS information, which includes details of the internet asset owners, such as their domain name, IP address, and AS (Autonomous System) number. This WHOIS information helps users estimate where the cyberattack was initiated and has been widely used in digital forensics.  Criminal IP provides the as_name” filter that enables users to search for corporate IP addresses using AS name, which is one of the information in WHOIS.

How to Search for Institutional/Corporate IP Addresses

To effectively search for corporate IP addresses using the as_name filter on Criminal IP Asset Search, it is important to input the legal name of the corporation. For example, simply searching for as_name: google may include subsidiaries in the search results, like Google Fiber Inc. If you are searching for the parent company’s IP addresses exclusively, you need to search as_name: google llc to filter out the results of its subsidiaries.


Criminal IP Asset Search에서 as_name:google을 검색한 결과. 자회사인 Google Fiber Inc도 같이 나온다.

Search results of “as_name:google” on Criminal IP Asset Search. Subsidiaries like Google Fiber Inc can also be found.

as_name:google llc

Criminal IP Asset Search에서 as_name:google llc을 검색한 결과

Search result of “as_name:google llc” on Criminal IP Asset Search

If you go into the corresponding IP details, you can see that as_name filter can be used from the WHOIS section.

Whois 정보 섹션에서의 as_name 필터 검색 기능

as_name filter can be found in the WHOIS section

Taking the same approach, you can use university or school as your keywords to find a list of school IP addresses.



Search result of "as_name:university" on Criminal IP Asset Search

Search result of “as_name: university” on Criminal IP Asset Search

The as_name filter allows you to find cloud servers as well. Since cloud servers often contain the string “cloud” in their names, using the keyword “cloud” will help you find different cloud server IP addresses worldwide, like Tencent and Oracle.


Using the keyword below, you can find the IP address of OVH SAS hosting company as well as of MOACK.



Additionally, the as_name filter can be used with other filters. For example, if you want to find corporate IP addresses in a particular country or city, simply use the country or city filter to narrow down your search result. The following is the search result using as_name: google llc city: seattle filter.

as_name: google llc city: seattle

Criminal IP Asset Search에서 as_name: google llc city: seattle를 검색한 결과

Search result of “as_name: google llc city: seattle” on Criminal IP Asset Search

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