Only 1 more day left for Criminal IP open beta pre-registration! MAKE YOUR SEARCH COUNT

Pre-registration for Criminal IP Beta closes in 24 hours, so pre-register up right now and get onboard

Greetings again! Criminal IP, a global cyber threat intelligence search engine, will be wrapping up beta tester recruitment as of tomorrow, April 28th. Currently, Criminal IP global beta, which will be finally launched in upcoming July 2022, is attracting record number of signups at the moment so please pre-register within 24 hours and claim your additional free beta benefits!

Criminal IP is a search engine that provides comprehensive cyber threat intelligence on IP addresses around the world. It secures clear visibility into all assets connected to the Internet based on IP addresses, and provides DB servers, file servers, middleware servers, and all domain information related to IP addresses on a single platform. Using our upcoming Domain Search feature, you can even determine phishing domains and malicious URLs that have appeared for the first time in the world. Not only limited to that, but you can also probe all domain information in real time to detect whether a potential threat exists. This search feature driven by combination of AI and machine learning technology enables a risk-based approach to diagnosis of IPs and assesses them into 5 intuitive risk categories. Furthermore, simple integration with developer API grants you access to all Criminal IP data feeds, which allows you to block IPs disguising as VPN,TOR,PROXY IPs and spot hidden IT assets on your attack surface.

Check out more detailed information about Criminal IP from our tech blog article below

Sneak peek into Criminal IP → Criminal IP Tech Blog

Just one day left to pre-register for beta testers, don’t miss the last chance!

Pre-registration page

Pre-registration Period:  2022.04.07- 2022.04.27

How to Apply

Our Criminal IP pre-registration page is set up in English and Japanese. In the EARLY BIRD PACKAGE section on the website, just type in 5 items including your name, company name, position, email, field of interest and voila, you are set to access our beta as soon as it gets released. Simple as that?

Claim your 3+3 Criminal IP Exclusive! 

Only those who have pre-registered for the Criminal IP beta service will receive an additional 3 month paid license upgrade after 3 months of free Criminal IP beta period terminates. Bottom line, a total of 6 months free trial period for you to test-drive Criminal IP to the fullest! Register right now and all beta benefits will be yours!

What’s more?

If you leave your feedback about the beta service on the bottom of Criminal IP main page after the beta is open, an additional one-month paid license will be provided after the termination of beta period. Those who have completed both pre-registration and beta feedback are entitled to use Criminal IP free of charge for up to 7 months. Seems like a pretty tempting opportunity, right?


Our Criminal IP beta service is provided free of charge for at least 3 months, and for those who have pre-registered can use it for up to 6 months (7 months upon feedback completion as well). It is not automatically converted to a paid license after completion of use, so feel free to try out all the features of our Criminal IP.


AI Spera is a fast-growing company in cyber threat intelligence. We are focusing on anomaly detection and data-centric security solutions based on AI and machine learning technologies. As a provider of Criminal IP, AI Spera supports multiple domains defending against ever-evolving cyber threats, spanning education and research, corporate security teams, white hackers, national agencies, and cybercrime investigation organizations.

For further inquiries about AI Spera company and products, please visit our official website directly or contact us via email