Criminal IP Global Beta going live! 

Be in the know with your cyberthreats so that your adversaries don’t stand a chance! It’s all here in the Search 



We are delighted to announce that Criminal IP beta pre-recruitment has successfully ended and hereby officially announce Criminal IP beta release on April 28, 2022. This announcement comes just on the heels of our announcement of Beta recruiment wrapup. We take this chance to express our sincere gratitude towards our enthusiastic users for visiting the pre-registration page, technical blog, and social media channels. Thousands of users across 82 countries worldwide have already signed up for pre-registration which kicked off on April 7, and the number of prospective beta users is expected to grow as we plan to work towards official release tentatively scheduled in July. Feel like seeing Criminal IP in action and doubling down on your cybersecurity – right at this minute?

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Criminal IP beta was designed with the intent to enable anyone interested in cybersecurity to use high-fidelity threat intelligence search engine, whose utility is already widely testified across diverse industrial sectors. Previously, Criminal IP was mostly targeted at enterprises, but now its usage is being extended to individuals who wish to manage internet-exposed assets and preemptively respond to threats via real-time vulnerability validation.

To wit, not only affiliated organizations but also individuals such as security practitioners, penetration testers, and white hackers will be able to directly search for Internet-connected assets, just in the way one simply does a Google search. Ultimately, Criminal IP is uniquely positioned to be in reach of any areas and users related to cybersecurity. In view of this, we came up with a comprehensive platform that provides enriched security intelligence with deep visibility into the malicious activities initiated from IP addresses collected all around the world.

In order to reach out to as many users as possible, we decided to make a chance for them to voice their suggestions regarding their experience with Criminal IP. During our 3-month Criminal IP beta, we receive valuable feedback that would help us improve on our product development and create better user experience. Ultimately, we look forward to addressing the needs of not only individual security experts but also a community of researchers, corporate security teams, white hackers, national agencies, and federal investigation departments, and the list goes on to everywhere where security needs to be hardened. It is with this anticipation in mind that we believe Criminal IP will take pride of place as your potent security search engine



It will be of immense help to us if you take out your time to leave your honest review about any inconveniences, suggestions, or contributions during your beta journey. Your feedback will be valuable for us to improve on our product and bring you better user experience. Users who complete the feedback survey (survey submission is on the Criminal main page) will receive an additional one-month free license of Criminal IP. Customers who have already pre-registered before April 28 can access Criminal IP entirely free of charge for up to 7 months, and customers who registered after the pre-registration period can use Criminal IP for up to 4 months, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!



If you register as a beta tester, an e-mail will be sent immediately notifying you that the pre-registration process has been completed. After checking the email, go create your personal account on the Criminal IP Beta page with the email address you entered for pre-registration and the free license will be automatically granted. When you register as a beta user, your BETA usage status will be marked on your account profile, and from that point on, you can freely try out all features of Criminal IP throughout the beta period. As an add-on, we highly recommend that you get the most out of Criminal IP by visiting our Tech Blog where you can get some pointers through resources such as USER GUIDE and SEARCH TIPS,  vulnerability analysis reports, and the latest cyber threat trends, everything cybersecurity. We also invite you to share mutual insights with fellow beta users at our exclusive forum community(the forum board is found on the Criminal IP website)


※ Note to those who pre-registered

Just a quick reminder that you need to sign up for beta once again after your pre-registration process(they are two different process you need to follow through consecutively!). Additional 3 month Free license status will be automatically updated on your Criminal IP account, right after termination of 3 month free beta period (so this means you are entitled to use Criminal IP free of charge for a total of 6 months!)

We provide you with free license only if the email you used for pre-registration is the same as the one you used for creating your Criminal IP account afterwards. Again, make sure that those two email addresses are identical.

Should you have any more questions regarding signup process,  please reach out to us again and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.



The official global beta launch of our Criminal IP is currently scheduled for July 2022. While we are in beta, other useful threat intelligence features such as domain search will be undergoing several patches, so beta users will be able to continually experience the updated versions of Criminal IP. Prior to the termination of the free beta period, announcements about its schedule will be sent to users via the e-mails they entered for registration, and the license-type pricing scheme will also be notified. The beta termination and official product launch schedule are both subject to change, so please get in touch with us directly for further details. Please note that regarding the domain search feature, we are working at full speed for a round of patches, so we will keep you posted through our release notes along the way. You will be meeting our official global release of Criminal IP in the upcoming July, so stay tuned for more surprises to come!



AI Spera is a fast-growing pioneer in cyber threat intelligence. We focus on anomaly detection and data-centric security solutions based on AI and machine learning technologies. As a provider of Criminal IP, AI Spera supports multiple areas defending against ever-evolving cyber threats, spanning education and research, corporate security teams, white hackers, national agencies, and cybercrime investigation organizations.

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