AI Spera’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Criminal IP is NOW recruiting GLOBAL BETA TESTERS! 

AI Spera, a company specializing in cyber threat intelligence, has opened a pre-registration page for Criminal IP on April 6th, prior to the official launch of global beta service scheduled on April 28th!

We’ll be running a promotion to recruit prospective beta testers and it is right on the pre-registration page where you can sign up to enjoy the full beta service benefits for 3 months to come!

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Criminal IP is an all-in-one threat intelligence search engine platform that detects in real-time vulnerabilities related to individual or corporate cyber assets and enables preemptive security management. Through the newly released B2C version of Criminal IP, users can identify malicious IP addresses, phishing sites, malicious domains, and more conveniently and holistically access information pertaining to threats through contextualized banners and detailed malicious behavior history. Our platform also provides comprehensively compiled threat data feeds in conjunction with score-based profile that empowers you to make better risk-informed decisions.

Plus, as for corporate security practitioners, by integrating with Criminal IP’s developer API or AI Spera’s other flagship product RMR, you can secure clearer visibility into all your internet-facing assets scattered around the world and effectively monitor vulnerable attack surface. You can only protect what you can see, so all your digital footprints will be accounted for and covered from an outside-in perspective that warrants airtight security like never before.

Proudly unveiling Criminal IP highlights

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  • Incredibly large amount of data

Feature an unprecedented amount of data, such as automatically scored risk information associated with IP addresses, diagnosis of C&C domain and phishing domains, identification of URLs embedding malicious links, information on network devices exposed to attack surface, DGA, domain-like algorithm information, and so forth.

  • Freshness of data

Collect and update 24/ 7 extensive amount of cyber asset information such as 4.2 billions of IP addresses and 300 millions of domains to ensure that your data is refreshed as up-to-the-minute as possible.

  • Various straightforward filters and tags available

Provide highly optimized selection of filters and tags tailored to your specific needs along with consumer-grade web interface and guiding cheat sheets. Expedite your search and get the exact results right when you need them the most.

Eagerly recruiting beta testers! Register right now and be the first to claim exclusive benefits!


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Don’t’ forget, the global pre-registration page of B2C Criminal IP opened on April 6th! Also please be noted that users can pre-register for the beta service on the landing page and be the ones to experience firsthand what we offer! We will be running our free beta service promotion for 3 months starting from April, and users who leave a post-beta review will be granted another 1-month free Criminal IP license, so make sure not to miss out on this unique chance!

About AI Spera


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AI Spera, a leading cyber threat intelligence provider, was founded in 2017 by CEO Kang Byung-tak and co-founder Kim Hwi-gang at the Hacking Response Research Center, Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University. We are focusing on developing data-driven security solutions based on anomaly-behavior detection combined with AI and machine learning technology. At the current stage, we are rapidly gaining industrial recognition by delivering preemptive security solutions to clients across diverse verticals spanning game, financial, security sectors as well as government institutions.

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