With the acceleration of digital transformation and the growing number of companies extending their businesses to the cloud, many unmonitored external attack surfaces (VPNs, RDPs, SMBs, certificates, mobile devices, etc.) are giving rise to frequent attacks by threat actors.

To successfully protect external attack surface, IT assets must be identified with pinpoint precision and real-time monitoring should be conducted to ensure that services and open ports violating security policies do not exist.

Most of the attacks launched against companies can be traced back to unidentified IT assets and security policy infringement.

Since legacy security practices and solutions are no longer able to defend against such aggressive intrusions, it is imperative that security managers establish new strategies accordingly.

Using our Criminal IP Asset Search feature, you can easily identify company assets and check whether their vulnerabilities exist through a simple keyword search.

For illustration, you can check the IP distribution by country and current status of open ports, services, AS Names, and products through company name keyword search. Through this information provided, you can also closely monitor whether there are any open ports, services, or vulnerable IPs that are violating the security policy.

Company name search results through the Asset Search

Company name search results through the Asset Search

Drawing on the results of the Asset Search, you can perform security inspections as follows and obtain further suggestions on how to take remedial action against the detected vulnerabilities.

Security inspections drawing on the results of the Asset Search

Criminal IP supports continuous real-time monitoring of company assets instead of a one-off inspection so that vulnerabilities can be promptly addressed upon detection.


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